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Why does your heart love fiber?

Feb 10, 2020 | All Posts, Wellness

Each year the month of February is recognized as the American Heart Month.  And in recognition of the American Heart Month, let’s discuss why your heart loves fiber.  

A few reasons as to why your heart loves fiber:

1.  Support normal blood pressure.

Randomized studies that included individuals diagnosed with hypertension who consumed fiber showed a decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to those without high blood pressure.

2.  Promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Fiber has been shown to reduce the absorption amount of cholesterol into your bloodstream.  This is beneficial for limiting the absorption of bad (LDL) cholesterol into the bloodstream.    

3.  It helps with blood glucose levels.

For diabetics, fiber has been shown to slow the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream resulting in minimal blood glucose spikes and improving blood sugar levels.  

 4.  It helps with weight management.

The connection between weight and heart health has been demonstrated over the years.  With each doctor visit, there is the inevitable body mass index (BMI) chart that equates risk factors associated with being overweight or obese.  This means a higher risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.  Consumption of fiber (i.e. oatmeal) gives the feeling of fullness or satiety thus minimizing cravings and the sensation to overeat.  

A few suggestions to boost your fiber intake:

–   With your oatmeal or cereal, add in some chia seeds, flaxseeds, or berries

–   Instead of processed pasta use whole wheat pasta

–   Skip the highly processed and sugary cereals and indulge your taste buds with oatmeal or high-fiber cereals

–   Fiber supplementations are available (such as Metamucil capsules) if you are looking to supplement your fiber.  I recommend PureLean Fiber available here.

Remember, whenever you decide to add a natural herb or OTC medications to your regimen always consult with a healthcare provider for some may interact with other medications.  I can be found at where you can subscribe to receive updates on events, newsletters, specials, and more.  Also, PHARMtainment is on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram

Mary L. Washington

Pharmacist  |  Voiceover Artist  | Singer 

Pharmtainment Productions, LLC 

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