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Natural Herbs: An option for hydration.

Mar 3, 2020 | All Posts, Wellness

Over the years working in a retail pharmacy as a pharmacist as well as being a singer and vocal artist, many people look for their problems to be solved with the use of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The initial approach most take when it comes to a dry mouth, throat or cough usually includes the use of numbing agents, menthol cough drops and anti-cough agents. Steer clear of the use of numbing agents (i.e. Cepacol) and menthol cough drops (i.e. Halls) for their use usually worsen your problem. Anti-cough agents such as Delsum cover the underlying issue which may be dryness or a hidden medical issue that needs further evaluation. 

Another approach people have tried is the use of simple teas (i.e. green tea) or lemon and honey mixture. What I recommend is the power of herbs that are capable of reducing inflammation, soothe the drying throat, and aid in hydration. I recommend the use of herbs such as marshmallow rootlicoriceslippery elm, and burdock root to coat and soothe the dry mouth and throat. Slippery elmcomes available as lozenges which are great to have available in moments when short in time or not wanting to consume it as a tea. Another herbal option recommended to have readily accessible for use is a gargle and mouth rinse called Gargle Away Advanced Throat Care available on Or, sip on an herbal tea throughout the day called Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat. I prefer the lemon-flavored Traditional Medicinals Tea Throat Coat Lemon. Feel free to browse the supplement shop

Remember, whenever you decide to add a natural herb or OTC medications to your regimen always consult with your doctor. Some herbs and OTC medications may interact with other medications. 

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Mary L. Washington

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