Despite the rise of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its effects on our current climate of health, there is a trend of musicians and singers canceling performances due to their health.  There was a point in time when the music industry did not recruit children, but that has changed over the years.  Some musicians or artists may enter the industry as early as 16 years old.  Remember Lil’ Bow Wow?  Lil’ Bow Wow started his career at 13 years old.  How about Sammie from the hit song, “I Like It’?  Sammie was around 12 years old when his hit single dropped in the late 1990’s.  

The more seasoned artists such as Elton John canceled his goodbye tour after declaring himself “extremely unwell”.  Madonna (61) canceled her British tour due to overwhelming pain as a result of injuries from being on the road.  The drummer from the Aerosmith band, Joey Kramer, was experiencing difficulties in keeping up with the tempo due to his health causing the band to cancel their tour.  There is a lot to learn from our seasoned musicians and artists and not just the knowledge of the business.  How does one take care of their health?

Although it may be a challenge to focus on yourself, let alone the mental strain, in an industry that celebrates the push and grind factor, it is very important to consider self-care.  Demi Lovato’s new release, “I Love ME”, is an example of a young woman in the industry that battled many obstacles including self-sabotage and disempowerment.  It is clear that it is important to celebrate yourself and be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up.  Devise a self-care plan created for inner peace and restoration.  Enjoy a moment outside of working in your talent.  Go canoeing.  Maybe, bungee jump over a canal.  Indulge in some satisfying moments.  Will Smith jumped from a helicopter for his birthday!   At times, I am a daredevil.  But, I will have to build some courage to do what Will Smith did.  Nonetheless, he indulged in a satisfying moment.

Dr. Mary L. Washington

 Pharmacist  |  Voiceover Artist  | Singer 

Pharmtainment Productions, LLC