Consider your diet and lifestyle.

Vocal health involves total body wellness

Minimize your chances of having a dry mouth/throat and cough must encompass total body care and wellness. From the use of proper vocal techniques to the foods you eat, the amount and quality of rest, environmental exposures and exercise play a role in your total body wellness and vocal wellness. 

When using incorrect breathing techniques and straining as you sing or speak are factors that can eventually hurt your vocal cords and lead to problems. 

Consumption of the standard American diet loaded in carbs, salt and fats could lead to dehydration or development of undesirable health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic inflammation, arthritis, etc. when consumed over a long period of time without care to your health.

Air quality also needs to be considered when it comes to vocal wellness. In dryer environments, consider the use of a humidifier and keep yourself constantly hydrated. Replace your air filters with a filter approved to remove allergens, dust, molds, etc. and change out on its recommended schedule. And, exercise! Exercise for your cardiovascular health which ties into your performance and serves as an avenue for stress reduction. 

Let’s not neglect the mindset! Use the power of positive self talk to manage emotions and mindset. Breath and minimize your stress through rest, empowering thoughts and relaxation.

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Mary L. Washington

 Pharmacist  |  Voiceover Artist  | Singer 

Pharmtainment Productions, LLC